Aggressively Levelling Pokémon


  1. Fighting fire with fire
  2. Starter for ten
  3. Chew the rag/fat

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That guy


Hybrid Mario flash game

Pokémon Uranium

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Pokémon Release Date (1996!)

Controlled burns

Trench warfare

Water Arson (inundationist!)

King John (Shakespeare) 


Carry On Wayward Son (disappointed I couldn’t remember this…)

Reel Big Fish


Original firefighters (alternatively titled, being a Roman entrepreneur)

Caroline Kirkland

The Blitz

Mutually Assured Destruction (Adam has opinions on this.)

North Korea Talks (Trump, you’re up, be good.)

South Korea turns off propaganda

Music Torture

Starter for 10 (movie)


University Challenge

Sky TV

Strictly Come Dancing

Jeremy Paxman 

Bamber Gascoigne

Paxman rant on Cameron

Lord North (classic example of being remembered for one thing)

Beard phobia

Lord of the Flies

1999 Life in the 1500s


Aftershow Links:

Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s Business Practices

Rejected titles:

Nintendo take us down

Aggressively Levelling Pokemon

Life is Unfair

We Stop Forrest Fires

Machines Guns are Disruptive

Classic Shotgun Approach

Ben Rigs Auctions

Remember Eating Meat

Gamon Steak Carrots 

Pirate Vikings 

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