Ancient Custard Races


  1. Through thick and thin
  2. Every cloud has a silver lining
  3. Fly off the handle

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No one, but we got the attention of a celebrity on Twitter.


More chickens than people (I didn’t actually believe this one, that’ll teach me…)

World population clock

Battery farming

Nandos (cheeky)

Wedding vows


Banana’s Introduced to the UK

It’s a Wonderful Life

Fat sign of wealth

Henriest Henry

Feeding the multitude (5000, woop)


300 (60%… it deserves much more than that…)

Battle of Thermopylae (boom, got that one right)


The Land Before Time

Triceratops (not one of those dinosaurs that textbooks got wrong!)

Doomsday Book (got this one right too!)

Non-Newtonian fluid

Bird’s Custard (and this one, good podcast for vague history!)

Smash (the very phrase ‘instant mashed potato’ inspires dread)

Angel Delight


The Lord of the Rings (boring)

Rosetta Stone

Voynich Manuscript (didn’t recall this one though…)

Berenstain Bears Pawadox


Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Jason Momoa (will forever be Ronon from Stargate to me)

P. T. Barnum

Star Wars, misquoted

Bleeding Gums Murphy

Bleeding Gums’ voice actors (not JEL)

James Earl Jones

Kimba the White Lion

Talk to Frank

Horse Riding Pommel 

Korean War

New Scotland (the flag is a bit of a givaway)

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Gutenberg Library (Project)

Rejected titles:

I hate risotto

Not Much CGI

Shoutout to JC

Disproportionate Dinosaur Ghosts

Non-Newtonian Podcast

Wallowing in Clouds

Atlantian Cloud Storage

Reasons Atlantis Fell

Happy Birthday Terence

We Still Have Clouds

New Scotland

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