Bulking Out Hufflepuff


  1. Don’t poke the bear
  2. Wet your whistle
  3. Flash in the pan

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South Park

South Park Episode 300 (got it wrong, it’s actually 200 I was thinking of…)

Jesus vs. Frosty (1992)

Jesus vs. Santa (1995)

South Park Pilot (1997)


Chris Evans on Top Gear

New Top Gear viewership (sad times)

Gold panning pan

Pan pipes

Pan the Satyr (playing the pan flute!) 

Dryden’s Plays

Mayor of Canterbridge (or more appropriately ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’)

Brandon Sanderson

The Merchant of Venice



Amber Rudd

M. Night Shyamalan 

Signs (yup, was M. Night)

The Village (also M. Night)

Flash and the Pan

Waiting for a Train

Accidental Tech Podcast

Reed wind instruments


Help! (Album Semaphore)

International Panic Symbol (A real thing!)

Panic signal… (another great Matt and Trey production)

Brace position conspiracy

The Canterbury Tales

Wet your whistle ngram

Printing Press (1439!)

Natural History Museum 



Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

Captain Scarlet drums

Russian Bear

The Cold War (many many years)

The Space Race

Bay of Pigs

Bear (gay slang)

Putin wrestles tiger… what

Orthodox Christian Ice Bath

Harry Potter

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Harry Potter Play

House Elves SPEW

Rejected titles:

South Park Memories

Vuvuzelas from Venezuela 

Mini Firework Fish

International Panic Symbol

It’s the Boring One

Everything’s Work related

Memorable Bear Attacks

Tiny Badger Bears

Ritual Bear Pokers

The Jigglypuff House

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