Previous Idioms

Gene Simmons’ Severed Head

1. Why the long face?
2. The proof is in the pudding
3. Between Scylla and Charybdis

Sucking on Lightbulbs

1. The best thing since sliced bread
2. Teaching your grandmother to suck eggs
3. At loggerheads
4. Third time’s the charm

Surprise Parachute Rides

1. Shelling out
2. Ghost in the machine
3. Beat around the bush

Mashing the Classics

1. Pig in a poke
2. Face the music
3. The road to hell is paved with good intentions

Salt is Bitter Sugar

1. Shot point-blank
2. Cutting the mustard
3. Wait for the other shoe to drop
4. To collar someone

Ace Flyswell’s Heroic Exploits

1. Crocodile tears
2. It takes two to tango
3. In hot water
4. Kangaroo court

Fondant Fancy Wars

1. Horses for courses
2. Have your cake and eat it
3. Kicked from pillar to post

Magic Sand Puddles

1. By hook or by crook
2. Da steppt der Bär – Special German Guest
3. As happy as a sandboy
4. Up to snuff

Minerally Adequate

1. Working like a Trojan
2. Mutton dressed as lamb
3. I’ve got a bridge to sell you
4. Hope springs eternal

Mr Sponge’s Second Chance

1. They followed the muck cart
2. Batshit crazy
3. Once bitten, twice shy

Committing Multi-murder

1. Shiver my timbers
2. A leopard can’t change its spots
3. Salt of the earth

Bob’s Money Skull

1. Pay through the nose
2. Hanging by a thread
3. Bob’s your uncle

Curling Hooliganism

1. Buy the farm
2. Throwing smoke
3. Hell in a handbasket
4. I’ll eat my hat

Sentimental Carex Bottles

1. Know your onions
2. To a tee/tea/t
3. Rest on one’s laurels

Taxidermy Build-a-bear

1. Too many cooks spoil the broth
2. Curry favour
3. Eating your own dog food
4. Come a cropper

Drinking Pig’s Ears

1. On tenterhooks
2. Make a pig’s ear of (something)
3. Throw a spanner in the works

1. Penny for your thoughts
2. Thick as thieves
3. Letting the cat out of the bag

1. Swear down
2. A cut above the rest
3. Not a sausage

1. To rob Peter to pay Paul
2. The real McCoy
3. Storm in a teacup
4. A hot potato

1. Can of worms
2. The whole nine yards
3. To put your nose out of joint

1. Tickle your fancy
2. To send someone to Coventry
3. Hell for leather

1. Blood from a Stone
2. Milking it for all its/it’s worth
3. Jump the Gun

1. Playing the Devil’s Advocate
2. Daft as a Brush
3. Shitfaced…

1. From Rags to Riches
2. An Elephant Never Forgets
3. Get your goat up

1. The pot calling the kettle black
2. Chill “them” beans
3. When in Rome

1. Raining Cats and Dogs
2. Long in the tooth
3. Speak of the devil

1. To cut one’s teeth
2. To make ends meet
3. A bird in the hand

1. How long is a piece of string
2. Cock of the walk
3. More than one way to skin a cat

1. When things go haywire
2. Wet behind the ears
3. Be there with bells on

1. A list as long as your arm
2. Splitting hairs
3. Like a bat out of hell