Introducing Structured Anarchy


  1. On yer bike
  2. Tie the knot
  3. Pass the buck

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First Past the Post (not PR)

Alternative Vote (not PR)

Proportional representation

MMP – AMS (my mistake)



CGP Grey’s Video on FPTP (Worth the watch, as are the others, I promise.)

Yes Minister (never seen this, might have to watch it.)

National Trust

Becoming an MP

Stoppit and Tidyup


The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race – Camels vs. Bikes

Norman Tebbit


Owner of Segway Dies

Swegway (Silly devices)



Flicker scooter

Tying cans to cars

The Lady’s Favour

Common-law Marriage 

No-fault Divorces

Gay Divorce Law

Same-sex in the Law

Gordian Knot (Alexander, dammit)

Odysseus and the axe-handles (embarrassed for forgetting this one)

Conan the Barbarian

Handfasting Ceremony

Pre-engagement ring

Purity ring

Ring finger

Chastity Belt (Debatably Not Safe for Work, depends where you work I suppose…)

Codex Mendoza

Wedding witnesses

Hindu Fire God – Agni (Polytheism 4 lyf)

Edward Ciderhands

Mark Twain (Again… Mark Twagain…)

Harry S. Truman

Types of poker

Aftershow Links:

Apu Drama

Commonly challenged books in the US, including reasoning.

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

The Telltale Head (Apu’s first appearance)

Dan Castellaneta

Hank Azaria (Apu voice actor)

Guardian Article on Apu

Rejected titles:

Arguments on Voting

It’s not guessing time

Ending in Fisticuffs

The Amazing Podcast

Bikes vs. Camels 

Low Welsh Valleys 

On Yer Skateboard

Hoverboards Don’t Hover

Two Wheels Essentially Magic

Bound Together Forever

Edward Winehands

That bucking buck

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