Waterloo Sunset

Adam and Mark discuss large anti-Brexit signs outside Waterloo, and we start to talk about Universal Basic Income, before it all gets very depressing.

We’re not sure who’s going to quit the cabinet by Monday.

Episode title inspired by Pimlico Plumbers and their bright yellow sign outside Waterloo.

Liberal Faschism?

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Call Me Maybe

Adam and Mark talk Welsh independence, the Labour and Conservative party conferences, and everything Brexit (despite Mark’s head hitting the desk.)

We also talk about the reality in which we live.

Episode title inspired by the Conservative conference data breach, and the fact some high profile members of the establishment had their mobile numbers leaked online.

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Back Against the Wall

This week Adam and Mark have been watching TV, namely Theresa May’s speech on the situation with the EU. The ball is, apparently, in their court.

We also discuss the elusive Agent Boot.

Episode title inspired by Theresa May’s position, and the excellent song by Cage the Elephant (one of their lesser known gems.)

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One Week

Adam and Mark discuss Parliament, despite the fact they’re back for a week before going back on holiday!

What’s the deal with the financial crisis?

Is Mark actually considering doffing his cap to Theresa May?

Episode title inspired by all the hard work our politicians do, and the annoyingly catchy tune by Barenaked Ladies.

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Basket Case

Adam and Mark avoid the subject of religion, talking instead about the religion of politics. We also discuss the history of the Labour party, in brief.

Is Labour one man?

The name we couldn’t remember was Peter Willsman.

Episode title inspired by the excellent song from Green Day (from an excellent album,) and possibly the Labour party…

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Adam and Mark talk about dancing, NATO, and they liken a potential Labour Prime Minister to a Conservative one.

Episode title inspired by the excellent Gil Scott-Heron and the song of the same name, because while it might not be televised, it’ll be recorded and uploaded in podcast form.

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Virtual Insanity

Adam and Mark talk politics, philosophy, and war; in other words, it’s a typical Saturday.

The comic mentioned by Adam is this one:


The title of this episode was inspired by Adam’s loathing of the analogy of the Millennium Bug to Brexit, and the Jamiroquai song of the same name.

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All Summer Long

Adam and Mark talk about the death penalty, a rather sticky subject, followed by some lighthearted dismissal of the UK’s Brexit process.

We also talk about cannabis… again!

Podcast title inspired by MPs going on holiday, and the song by Kid Rock of the same name. It’s a great song.

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The Importance of Being Idle

This week Adam and Mark talk about broken agreements, lies, and votes in the Commons.

We disuse the ERG, scapegoats, and Corbyn’s alleged antisemite views.

Episode title inspired by Vince Cable and Tim Farron, as well as the song of the same name by Oasis.

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This week Adam and Mark discuss the topsy-turvy world in which we live, which sees a Labour politican fight for business.

We also discuss compensation for gay people persecuted under backwards laws, and what’s going on with Brexit (because we can’t escape it.)

Title direct reference to the song by Caravan Palace… not Taylor Swift.

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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Adam and Mark discuss a new runway, American ideals influencing the UK, and further devolution.

It’s also been a year since the last General Election, how’s May’s premiership going?

The political party we couldn’t remember the name of was ‘Alternative for Germany’

Title inspired by the song of the same name, written by John Denver.

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